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Art is a fucking hard thing to do, and generally you try to do as much as you can for your fellow musician/photographer/artist because you understand what it’s like to invest 100% of your time and effort into something, only to get nothing in return. 

Misha Mansoor wrote an article a few years ago about The Art of Not Burning Bridges, which in essence explained that when you behave unprofessionally when representing your band/business/product, your are only going to hurt yourself, and any possible chance of success. If you act like a child, people will treat you like one. No one wants to associate with immaturity and unprofessionalism. 

RJA are essentially broadcasting a message that it is okay to behave like this. That you can become successful and climb the ranks from being an unknown band/artist to a commonly known name without a shred of professionalism, and that is just not true. There is nothing to be gained from this type of thing, but unfortunately because RJA have ’made it’, it likely won’t affect their image at all. 

Boycott this band.

Traffick jams for days.

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